Alberta’s Justice System in your Community - a resource for Grade 3 Social Studies

October 20, 2005

Intro page Alberta's Justice System in Your Community is an on-line resource developed by Alberta Justice in collaboration with Alberta Education and justice partners.

The resource provides an introductory overview of the justice system in Alberta while addressing outcomes from the Grade 3 Social Studies Curriculum. It also has cross-curricular links to the English Language Arts, Information and Communications Technology (Division 1), and Health and Life Skills programs.

Alberta's Justice System in Your Community will help grade three students gain a general understanding of how the different people in the justice system work together to maintain peace in the community. The concepts developed in this resource can be used as a basis for the students' exploration and comparison of communities in other countries.

This on-line resource includes interactive activities, printable exercises and comics for students. It also includes a Teacher's Guidewhich identifies curriculum outcomes and skills addressed, a glossary of terms, real-life scenarios and walkthrough scripts. In addition, an instruction sheetis provided to assist students in navigating through the resource.

Technical Requirements

To run the resource you will need the following minimum requirements:

  • An internet connection
  • Internet browser (e.g.Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • The latest Flash Player plug-in (available free from the Macromedia website)
  • 800X600 monitor resolution (or higher) at 16-bit colour depth (or greater)

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