Teaching about justice

Our communities, our province and our country depend on having citizens who understand the role of the justice system, as well as the obligations and responsibilities of being a citizen.

The following resources, produced by Alberta Justice and Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security, provide valuable and accurate information to help students learn about the justice system in Alberta.

Teaching resources

Alberta’s Justice System in your Community
This online resource was developed to provide an introductory overview of the justice system and its key participants, while addressing outcomes from the Grade 3 social studies curriculum.
August 16, 2005

Alberta's Justice System and You
This brochure will give you the facts about your justice system.
July 18, 2003

Teaching about justice, rights and responsibilities:
A teaching resource for Social Studies 10

A teacher resource manual was developed to support Alberta high school teachers in educating their students about the justice system in Alberta and Canada. It addresses five areas of law within the Canadian judicial system: constitutional, aboriginal, criminal, civil and family, and youth.
November 05, 2002

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