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Justice Education Speakers Centre
Invite Justice professionals to speak with students or at community events.


Education Coordinator Initiative
How Alberta Justice works to find better ways of informing Albertans about the justice system.

Justice system
Information about Alberta's justice system, its major participants and links to publications.

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Alberta’s Justice System in your Community intro page

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Alberta's Justice System in Your Community

This on-line resource provides an introductory overview of the justice system in Alberta while addressing outcomes from the Grade 3 Social Studies Curriculum as well as cross-curricular links to the English Language Arts, Information and Communications Technology (Division 1), and Health and Life Skills programs.

Grade 6 Social Studies Resource New!

You Decide: Charter Challenges for Grade Six

You Decide: Charter Challenges for Grade Six is designed as a teaching and learning resource for grade six students. Students are offered the choice of visiting either the fictional animal land of Adinak or the alien planet of Beebonk. There they explore stories that may be considered unfair, and decide if these situations could be successfully challenged under our existing Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The stories explore four sections of the Charter (a) Mobility Rights, (b) Search and Seizure, (c) Equality Rights, and (d) Freedom to Associate. To view resources for Teachers follow the links:

You Decide: Charter Challenges for Grade Six

Teacher Backgrounders

Fundamental Freedoms: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

This teacher resource offers background information on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All aspects of the Charter are reviewed in plain language in both English and French.

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Justice Education Speakers Centre

Speakers are an effective way to boost interest and encourage learning about the justice system.

Through a unique partnership between Alberta Justice and the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association teachers and community organizations can now invite justice professionals such as lawyers, Crown prosecutors, and judges to speak with their students or at a community event through an easy one-step process.

Speakers and Request Form

Alberta's Justice System and You Brochure

Alberta’s justice system is complex

It includes numerous justice partners such as the police, lawyers, judges, and correctional officers. In addition, victims’ support groups, community justice programs and youth justice committees provide an important role at the community level through thousands of volunteers. Law faculties, schools and non-profit organizations are also important partners in the justice system.

It affects you each and every day

Understanding the justice system and legal issues will help you to avoid legal problems and seek out appropriate legal remedies. Learning about the law also helps you better understand your rights and responsibilities.

Knowing the justice system is important

Because the justice system is complex and affects you and your family each and every day, the following information pages and diagrams are provided to help you increase your awareness, knowledge and understanding of justice in your community, province and country.

Justice system
Justice Process Diagrams
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Justice system

The major participants in the justice system

Justice Process Diagrams

Civil claims justice process
Family law justice process
The court system in Alberta
The criminal justice process for adults
The criminal justice process for youth

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Additional information on specific topics can be found under publications or by searching by topic area.

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