Payment options

Methods of payment
Important notes
How do I pay if I am outside of Canada?

If you are unable to pay your debt off in a single lump sum, MVAR can grant you the privilege of paying off your debt in installments. After your application for paying off your debt in monthly installments has been successful and your monthly payment amount has been set, the following payment options exist.

Methods of payment

Through these options, you will meet your monthly payment due date:

If you choose one of the automatic methods, your payment can be processed on the same day each month, and you will avoid the risk of having your driver’s licence suspended for non-payment. Online banking is not an automatic process by default; you would need to set up the automatic withdrawal on your financial institution’s website.

If you do not wish to take advantage of the above-mentioned payment options, you are still required to make a payment every month by the payment due date. This will keep your account current.

If you choose online or telephone banking, most transactions should clear within two business days; however, allow up to five business days for payment processing.

  • If you wish to make a payment in person, you may do so at the Maintenance Enforcement Program office, located at:

    7th Floor, John E. Brownlee Building
    10365 - 97 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta

Debtors may also make payments to MVAR by mailing a money order, certified cheque or bank draft. Contact MVAR for the mailing address.

Important notes

  • If paying by money order, certified cheque, or bank draft, specify "Government of Alberta" as a payee and ensure that your full name and MVAR account number are correctly stated.
  • To avoid any confusion, we encourage you to specify your MVAR account number on all payment instruments you send to MVAR.
  • Since you will not receive confirmation of payment receipt every month, in order to ensure that your payments or documents are received by MVAR, it is a good practice to mail them by Express Post and keep the confirmation.
  • Never send cash in the mail – MVAR is not responsible for the loss of cash sent by mail.

How do I pay if I am outside of Canada?

  • Pay off the debt in full before departing;
  • Provide a lump sum payment covering the payments required during your expected absence;
  • Use Online Banking;
  • Use Telephone Banking;
  • Mail a certified cheque or money order in Canadian currency (See Important notes above, and Contact MVAR for the mailing address);
  • Arrange for a trusted person to make the payments on your behalf until you return.