Why is there a judgment against me?

The judgment results from a law suit that was commenced against you as the driver or the registered owner of an uninsured vehicle which had been involved in a collision resulting in bodily injuries.

Alberta Courts use a fault-based system which identifies the driver(s) that contributed to the motor vehicle accident (MVA). When someone contributed to the MVA (wholly or in part), they are said to be "at fault" for the accident and for any injuries, death or property damage that resulted.

If you were at fault for an accident, you will be responsible (liable) for any injury, loss, damage or death (damage) that may have resulted from the accident. If you were not the driver, but were the owner of the at fault vehicle, and the driver was operating that vehicle with your permission or was living with you as a member of your family, you will also be liable for any damage that may have occurred as a result of the accident.  Thus, it is possible that more than one person may have contributed to causing the accident. The court may find liability against more than one defendant or a split in liability may be agreed to by the parties involved.  When two or more persons are found at fault, they are jointly and severally liable to the person suffering the damage or loss, but as between themselves, in the absence of a contract, express or implied, they are liable to make contribution to and indemnify each other in the degree in which they are respectively found to have been at fault.