What does MVAR do?

Motor Vehicle Accident Recoveries (MVAR) is the collection unit of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program (MVAC). MVAC compensates victims of bodily injury accidents, in which the at-fault party was uninsured, and determines the amount that at-fault parties must pay; MVAR subsequently enforces the MVAC judgment decisions by recovering the funds from the at-fault parties.

If there is a judgment against you consented to by Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC) that means that MVAC has settled the claim against you because you had failed to defend the action. That judgment will subsequently be collected from you through the MVAR Program in accordance with section 102 of the Traffic Safety Act. Debtors unable to satisfy their judgments within 15 days would have their driving licences and vehicle registrations suspended upon that deadline. However, MVAR was established to help MVAC defendants (at-fault parties) satisfy the judgment against them by paying it off in instalments. If MVAR did not exist to allow debt repayment in instalments, all judgments would be payable within 15 days of their filing.

MVAR does not review civil suit cases, does not determine fault, and cannot revise or overturn judgments. Should you disagree with the judgment you will have to address that with the court in the jurisdiction where the judgment was obtained. You may wish to obtain the advice of legal counsel on whether you have grounds for an appeal (refer to Legal Referrals). To obtain more information on any judgment that has been obtained against you, you may request documentation from the Court where the lawsuit against you was filed.