Glossary of terms

Section B Medical Benefits
Section 17 Definition of Rehabilitation
Interim Funding
Certified Health Care Professional

Section B Medical Benefits

Who qualifies for Section B Medical Benfits?

Section B insurance coverage is a mandatory clause that is required by law to be provided as part of all automobile insurance policies in  the province of Alberta. Therefore, if you were insured at the time of your motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries, you may qualify for Section B coverage, no matter who was at fault.

What does Section B cover?

Section B benefits provide insurance coverage for medical  expenses to treat injuries received as a direct result of a motor vehicle accident. These benefits provide the victim with access to the necessary treatment when it is required without having to wait for a personal injury claim to be settled or for liability to be determined. Section B benefits may include (but are not limited to) ambulance, medication, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and dental coverage. 

What is the maximum funding provided by Section B?

The maximum coverage provided by Section B is $50,000. All Section B coverage expires two years from the date of the accident. For further detail on specific treatment coverage, see the Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits Regulations (Subsection 1(2)).

Section B funding is provided by your private insurance  provider. Due to the two-year time limit  that is placed on accessing Section B funding, it is recommended you contact  your insurance provider as soon as possible after your motor vehicle accident.

Section 17 Defintion of Rehabilitation

Section 17 of the MVAC Act defines rehabilitation as follows: “appliances and treatments used in  the complete or partial restoration of the person’s muscular activity or co‑ordination  or to give the person complete or limited mobility and so to rehabilitate the person.”

Interim Funding

Interim medical claims funding is considered in circumstances where an injured victim is pursuing a damages claim through Section 4 or 7 of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act and requires funding for medical needs while a claim for damages is being settled. Interim funding is deducted from the settlement before payment of a Judgment.

Certified Health Care Professional

A Certified Health Care Professional is a physician,  occupational therapist, chiropractor or physiotherapist.