What does medical claims do?

Medical Claims within the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC) program is defined in Section 17 of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act.  Section 17 is available for victims injured in a Single Motor Vehicle Accident in Alberta where there is no litigation involved. The majority of these victims applying for Section 17 funding are catastrophically injured in a single motor vehicle accident.

Funding for treatment of minor injuries is limited under the MVAC Act, due to the existence of Section B funding. The majority of claimants suffering minor injuries will fully recover within the time limits of Section B. In rare circumstances where no remedy of insurance exists, you may be eligible for Section 17 benefits.

In rare circumstances, interim funding may be provided if you are involved in litigating a damages claim. However, in most cases of insured claims, you may request an advance payment from the insurer under Section 636(5) of the Insurance Act. A negative response from the insurer does not constitute acceptance of a claim under Section 17 of the MVAC Act.