What is the maximum funding I can receive?

The maximum coverage available under Section 17 is $95,000 per accident to provide funding of medical expenses that are not covered by any other contract of insurance other than life insurance. If you were in an insured accident and received Section B medical benefits from your insurance provider, the maximum coverage you will be eligible for will be $95,000 less the amount of funding provided by your Section B coverage.

  • Section 17 benefits are finite and deal primarily with those who suffer catastrophic bodily injuries as a direct result of a single motor vehicle accident. Please note that property damage incurred in a motor vehicle accident is NOT covered by this program. Section 17 also does not cover wage loss, lost opportunity, future income or economic loss.

  • Section B insurance coverage is a mandatory clause that is required by law to be provided as part of all automobile insurance policies in the province of Alberta. Therefore, if you were insured at the time of your motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries, you may qualify for Section B coverage, no matter who was at fault. Currently, the maximum coverage provided by Section B is $50,000.00. Section B coverage expires two years from the date of the accident. For further information on Section B coverage check with your insurer on the Section B portion of your policy.