How to apply for Section 17 funding?

Firstly, the injury must be the direct result of a motor vehicle accident that occurred on an Alberta roadway.
The following documentation is required to review an application for Section 17:

  1. Completed application form for Section 17 funding.
  2. A copy of the police report.
  3. Medical Records identifying the diagnosis and prognosis of the injury that occurred as a direct result of the motor vehicle accident.
  4. If eligible for Section B benefits through your insurer, you must provide a letter from your insurance provider outlining the total amount spent through Section B benefits including a breakdown of the medical expenditures. If Section B medical benefits have not yet been exhausted, please submit the above documentation for steps one through three to initiate an application.

Once the above information is submitted and reviewed, the applicant will receive written correspondence regarding the status of the application. If necessary, the correspondence will include the next steps that may be needed to complete the application.