Uninsured drivers

Being Sued: What to Do
Owing a Debt to MVAC: What to Do

Being Sued: What to Do

If you have been sued and do not have insurance, or your insurance company will not defend you, you have several options:

  1. You can hire a lawyer at your own expense. Keep in mind that if payment is to be made by MVAC, any settlement must be approved by the Administrator.
  2. You can try to defend yourself and negotiate a private settlement, which is not recommended.
  3. You can ask MVAC to handle the matter as soon as you know you are being sued, by sending them a copy of the Statement of Claim together with a letter explaining what happened in the accident. Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number so that MVAC can reach you, and any details about the accident you think may help with the defence.  
  4. You can do nothing and let yourself be noted in default (choose not to defend yourself). If you are noted in defaultMVAC will become involved, and will settle or, where appropriate, defend the matter.

Keep in mind that MVAC is in control of the case, not you. Under the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act, if you allow yourself to be noted in default, MVAC can settle the case without your consent and over your objections. You will have to pay back any monies MVAC pays out to the injured party.

MVAC may take steps to defend the claim. It is doing so to minimize the amount, if any, it is required to pay on your behalf. MVAC is not providing legal representation to you and will not take instructions from you in the conduct of the defence, or in negotiating a settlement.

Owing a Debt to MVAC: What To Do

If you wish to speak to someone about your outstanding debt or are prepared to make a payment arrangement, contact Motor Vehicle Accident Recoveries (MVAR).  Contact MVAR to see a full list of contact options.  It is strongly recommended you read through the MVAR website to learn more about the debt you owe, how you can pay it off, and the consequences of not paying.