Judgment Payment Application Forms

If an uninsured party or parties cannot pay your personal injury judgment, fill out these forms so payment may be obtained through Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC).

The forms:

  • contain information to satisfy the Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act that all requirements of the Act have been met
  • assign the debt to the Administrator so that it can be recovered from the party ordered to pay in the judgment

Once it is determined MVAC will pay the judgment, the claimant, their lawyer or representative can access the fillable forms below.

Judgment forms checklist

The checklist for judgment forms (PDF, 610 KB) describes which forms are for specific circumstances and how to complete them.

Judgment forms

Note: Forms other than those printed from this website are not accepted.

For known defendant(s) – Section 4 claims

Judgment sample

For unknown defendant(s) WITH judgment – Section 7 claims

Judgment sample

For unknown defendant(s) WITHOUT judgment – Section 7(8) claims