I want to make a claim. What does MVAC cover?

MVAC pays for judgments for personal injuries and pays some medical benefits. To be compensated for injuries, a court action must be commenced against the uninsured driver at fault. (If the driver is unknown, the action is commenced against the administrator of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act). If a judgment is granted, MVAC can pay you what the court awards, later collecting that money from the uninsured driver. MVAC can’t pay more than $200,000 for any one accident no matter how many people were hurt. If more than one person has been injured and their claims are determined to exceed $200,000 they will have to share the $200,000 proportionately.

You have to have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Alberta to be compensated through MVAC. If you are not an Alberta resident but are injured in Alberta, you may be compensated through MVAC if the province or state you live in offers similar coverage to Albertans who might be injured there.