I am being sued. What can MVAC do for me if I don't have my own lawyer?  Are MVAC and I on the same side?

MVAC’s lawyers and bodily injury specialists who negotiate settlement of claims are there to protect MVAC, but at the same time they may help protect you by seeking evidence and examining other parties about who was at fault and the severity of the injuries. For instance, MVAC can arrange for independent doctors to examine the injured person. MVAC’s lawyers will help prepare you to testify if you are called to do so at formal proceedings, either in a lawyer’s office or in court. It is in your best interests to cooperate with MVAC.

Keep in mind that MVAC is in control of the case, not you. Under the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act, if you allow yourself to be noted in default, MVAC can settle the case without your consent and over your objections. You will have to pay back any monies MVAC pays out to the injured party.

Therefore, while MVAC may take actions that defend your position and reduce or dismiss the action against you, it is doing so to protect its own interests. MVAC is not your legal counsel and will not take instructions from you in the conduct of its defence, or in negotiating a settlement.