Making and receiving payments

Making and receiving payments

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) collects court-ordered child support, spousal and partner support, and enforces as needed.

Receiving payments

A recipient of MEP (creditor) should not accept support payments directly from the payor (debtor). MEP will deposit payments directly into the creditor's bank account:

  • after we receive a payment from the debtor or from another source (eg, payroll deduction), and
  • after the payment clears through the MEP trust account

If a creditor remarries, the debtor’s obligation to make payments doesn’t change or end, unless the court order for support indicates this.

What's important to know

MEP can only enforce the clear, legal and workable terms in a court order for support. If an order is silent or ambiguous, we'll apply existing policies and practices.

A clearly-written court order should state:

  • that one party is to pay the other party
  • the date payments are to begin
  • the dates payments are due (eg, end of every month)
  • the amount of each payment
  • the conditions of eligibility and / or terminating events
  • if the support obligation may be revived once it ends

Lawyers or MEP clients may use the language in this form for examples of clear and enforceable maintenance terms:

Maintenance Enforcement Support Agreement form

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