How to register

How to register

Follow these steps to register for the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP).

What's important to know

  • either the payor or recipient of support can register for MEP – only one needs to register (if you live outside Alberta, register with the enforcement program in your jurisdiction or call us for more information)
  • the Ministry of Community and Social Services may also register a file with MEP if the recipient collects income support
  • there’s no fee to register with MEP for the first time
  • there's a $205 MEP re-registration fee if you – as a payor or recipient – ask us to re-open a file you closed. This fee also applies if you're a recipient who asks us to re-open a file that we closed due to your lack of cooperation
  • registration packages that are inaccurate or incomplete can’t be registered
  • after you’re registered, you can change your password any time for any reason – doing so reduces the risk of identity theft

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