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The Dispute Resolution Network (DRN) was formed by Alberta government employees in 1996 following a very successful conflict resolution conference, Interaction ‘96, sponsored by the Conflict Resolution Network Canada. DRN members include Government of Alberta employees from a broad cross section of departments and agencies.

Members advance the understanding and use of dispute resolution alternatives and collaborative, consensus-based decision making processes. They increase awareness of existing programs and resources inside and outside government.

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The Government of Alberta Dispute Resolution Network Programs:

  • Agriculture Operations Practice Act Nuisance Complaints
    Agriculture and Rural Development
    The Practice Review Committee may use mediation to achieve resolution for nuisance complaints directed to the Minister under the Nuisance of the Agricultural Operations Practices Act if both parties are agreeable 310-FARM (3276).

  • Alberta Environmental Appeals Board
    Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

    An independent Board that gives Albertans on opportunity to appeal certain decisions made by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, the Water Act and the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act.

    The Board places a high value on its mediation program and encourages participants to use mediation as the primary way to resolve matters that come before the Board. 

    For more information, contact us at 780-427-6207.

    Mediation Video: "More Ice Time"

    The Board and Alberta Municipal Affairs and Housing collaborated to create this short video to provide an introduction to mediation. The video uses a fictional hockey/figure skating dispute as an example of how the mediation process would work in developing a resolution. Although every mediation is different, this video provides a basic understanding about the process and goals of mediation.

    More Ice Time - Part 1 Video icon 
    More Ice Time - Part 2 Video icon

  • Child Protection and Intervention Mediation
    Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
    When a child or youth is assessed to be in need of intervention by a caseworker from Human Services, difficult decisions are made with which the child, youth, guardians and/or other with a significant connection to the child may disagree. Through the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act, mediation is an option to resolve these disputes. Edmonton 780-427-8329 Calgary 403-297-6981 Elsewhere in Alberta 403-340-7187

  • Civil Claims Mediation Program (Provincial Court)
    Alberta Justice and Solicitor General 
    Uses non-evaluative mediation to assist parties to reach a negotiated settlement instead of going to trial.There is no charge to the parties for this service. Edmonton: 780-415-2701 Calgary: 403-297-5536 Grande Prairie: 780-833-4202 Lethbridge: 403-388-3102 Medicine Hat: 403-529-8716 Red Deer: 403-755-1437.

  • Civil Claims Mediation Program (Court of Queen's Bench)
    Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
    The Court of Queen's Bench Mediator Roster Service provides a resource that helps parties select an educated and qualified mediator to assist in the early resolution of their legal action.

  • Dispute Resolution Process for Recreational Access to Agricultural Lease Land
    Sustainable Resource Development
    For recreational users and leaseholders of agricultural public lands to solve disputes over recreational access 1-866-279-0023 (toll free).

  • Dispute Resolution Program (Calgary) and Child Support Resolution Program (Edmonton)
    Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
    Programs that use an early neutral evaluation approach to help parties resolve child support issues before a court appearance is required in the Court of Queen’s Bench. There is no charge to the parties for this service. Dispute Resolution Program, Calgary: 403-297-6981 Child Support Resolution Program, Edmonton: 780-427-1907.

  • Family Mediation Program
    Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

    A an interest-based process that provides parents with an opportunity to meet jointly with a mediator to discuss family issues including parenting time, communication,child support and division of minor property matters. Participants must meet financial eligibility criteria to qualify for this program. There is no charge to parties who qualify for this service. Edmonton 780-427-8329 Calgary 403-297-6981 Elsewhere in Alberta 403-340-7187.

  • Farmers’ Advocate
    Agriculture and Rural Development
    Assists farmers and ranchers in negotiating and mediating disputes related to such things as seismic activity, surface rights, mineral leasing, trespassing, farm machinery, confined feeding operations and nuisance complaints 310-FARM (3276).

  • Labour Tribunals
    Employment and Immigration
    Unions and employers negotiate collective agreements which set out the terms and conditions of employment. Sometimes, the parties cannot reach an agreement.

  • Mediation Services
    Employment and Immigration
    Assists labour and management to resolve disputes in collective bargaining negotiations 780-427-8301.

  • Municipal Dispute Resolution Initiative
    Municipal Affairs
    Offers a range of programs and services assisting municipalities in dealing with conflicts effectively through conflict assessments, assisted facilitation, mediation, training and dispute resolution system design to enhance relationships with their municipal neighbours and stakeholders 780-427-2225.

  • Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service
    Service Alberta
    Designed so that landlords and tenants can resolve disputes more quickly, with less formality and at a lower cost 780-644-3000.

  • Restorative Justice
    Justice and Solicitor General
    Requires the involvement of the victim, the offender and community in a voluntary process that involves dialogue and reconciliation 780-427-3457.

  • Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) 
    The ERCB's Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) program is an important factor in how the ERCB fulfills its commitment to regulate Alberta's energy resources in the public interest. Through ADR, Albertans and energy companies find unique solutions to balance different interests. Through the ADR process, industry and landowners are able to successfully negotiate concerns about most proposed energy related activities. 

  • Surface Rights and Land Compensation Board
    Pre-Hearing Dispute Resolution Conference.

  • Surface Rights and Land Compensation Board
    Mediation Program.

To be connected toll-free in Alberta to any Alberta government office, dial 310-0000 followed by the area code and phone number of the office you wish to reach.