Civil Enforcement Regulation Review

August 07, 2014

The Civil Enforcement Regulation (Regulation) is made pursuant to the Civil Enforcement Act. The Regulation expires on December 31, 2015, and requires a review. The Regulation deals with matters relating to the behaviour of civil enforcement agencies and bailiffs, and their oversight, as carried out by the Sheriff – Civil Enforcement; for the purpose of the sale of land; exemptions from seizure and garnishment procedures. Garnishment is the process whereby a creditor prepares and files with the court clerk a garnishee summons. Once the garnishee summons is served on the third party (called a garnishee), the garnishee is then obligated to pay the money he/she owes the debtor to the court. This money is used to satisfy the amount owing on the creditor’s court judgment and any other judgment(s) registered against the debtor (see attached chart for further details).

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