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Responsibility for acts 
Unofficial guide as to which ministry is responsible for an act.

A User's Guide to Legislation
Statutes of Alberta: annual volumes
Statutes of Alberta: loose-leaf The Alberta Gazette Part II
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How to cite statutes (Acts)
How to cite regulations
Interpretation Act
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Organization of a Statute (Act)
Federal legislation

Acts Alberta Justice and Solicitor General is responsible for
Listing of all acts Alberta Justice and Solicitor General is responsible for. 

Alberta statutes and regulations (e.g. Traffic Safety Act, Dangerous Dogs Act, Change of Name Act) can be obtained from the Queen's Printer bookstore, which publishes, distributes and sells Alberta's statutes and regulations in paper and electronic formats. Free public access to Alberta's legislation is also available on the Queen's Printer web site.

Federal statutes and regulations (e.g. Criminal Code, Youth Criminal Justice Act, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act) are available from Justice Canada.

Copies of federal and provincial statutes and regulations can also be found in most public, academic and government libraries or your local courthouse. Ask the librarian for help.

The Alberta Gazette Part II

Regulations filed under the Regulations Act, except those exempted from publication under that act, are published in Part II of The Alberta Gazette within a month of being filed. The Gazette is available from the Queen's Printer.

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