Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) provides responsive front-line death investigation and death certification services.


We shed light on death by:

  • certifying the cause and manner of death in accordance with the Fatality Inquiries Act
  • assisting and educating Albertans in time of grief
  • maintaining and developing a centre of excellence in forensic pathology and toxicology


When a death occurs suddenly or it cannot be explained, the OCME conducts an investigation, under the authority of the Fatality Inquiries Act.

We hold each of our investigations to determine:

  • who died
  • where they died
  • when they died
  • why they died
  • how they died

Fatality Inquiries Act

About the OCME

We have two regional offices – one in Edmonton and the other in Calgary. The Chief Medical Examiner is based in Edmonton.

The OCME has seven functional units:

  • medical examiners
  • death investigators
  • autopsy suite
  • toxicology
  • histology
  • records
  • administration