What types of child support will RP recalculate?

For eligible child support orders or agreements, RP will be able to recalculate:

• table amounts of child support. These are the monthly support amounts.
• proportionate shares of special or extraordinary expenses.

RP will not be able to assist parties in getting their first child support order.  Parties must already have a valid court order (or agreement) for child support to register with RP.  The program will also not have the authority to make judicial (court-like) decisions such as:

• granting retroactive child support;
• reducing or canceling arrears;
• determining whether a child is still eligible for support; and
• the entitlement to special or extraordinary expenses.

Note: The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) may be able to address some changes in child eligibility or special expenses through their policies on reducing enforcement. This would apply only to those parties who are also registered at MEP. MEP is not able to increase the enforced amount.  If MEP cannot address the change in circumstance, the parties' other option is to vary the order through the court process or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.  MEP’s website contains information to assist parties wishing to vary their court orders:

Varying or Changing your Court Order - 39 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Family Law Information Centres - 34 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Referrals to Resources - 66 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader