What if a parent fails to provide the Child Support Recalculation Program with updated income information?

RP needs updated income information to set child support amounts that fairly reflect parents’ earnings. If a parent does not provide RP  with their income information, RP  may still be able to complete the recalculation based on a “deemed income increase. This means RP  may recalculate support as if the person’s income had increased to be the higher of:

  • $31,200, being what the parent would earn per year working full time for a minimum wage, OR
  • the parent's current guideline income increased by up to 25 per cent.
    The longer it has been since that person’s last court order or Recalculation Decision, the higher their deemed income increase will be. The increases are as follows: 

Time passed since last order or decision

Deemed income increase

Less than one year

10 per cent

More than one year, but less than two

13 per cent

More than two years, but less than three

16 per cent

More than three years, but less than four

19 per cent

More than four years, but less than five

22 per cent

More than five years

25 per cent

RP may need an order from the court to apply the deemed income increase in some cases.

For more information, see Infosheet - Deemed income increase.