What if I don’t want RP to recalculate my child support order?

Either the payor or recipient of child support can choose to register with RP.  Once either party registers, both the recipient and payor are obligated to be part of the program.  If you feel your court order is not appropriate for administrative recalculation, you have the option of asking the court to include a clause in your order directing RP not to recalculate in the future. 

If a parent who initially registered with RP wants to withdraw from the program, they can do so in writing. RP will close the file unless the other parent has also asked for registration with the program.   

Parties can also agree with each other to have RP skip a recalculation year.  By providing a completed waiver form, they will ensure they remain registered with RP although the program will not perform a recalculation for that specific year.