Once parents are registered with RP, what legal obligations do they have?

When one parent registers with RP, both parents become RP clients. By law, clients will be legally required to:

  • provide RP with current contact information (phone number and address) at all times;
  • pay an annual service fee for recalculation services (even if they do not agree with RP’s decision or did not choose to register with RP); and
  • provide RP with income information every year if needed by RP. If RP is recalculating the table amount of child support, then the payor’s updated income information is needed. If RP is recalculating proportionate shares of special or extraordinary expenses, then both the payor and recipient of child support must provide updated income information. Recipients must also provide income information if RP is recalculating in a shared or split custody (parenting) situation.

Parents should also keep RP informed of any court applications regarding child support amounts and all new court orders for child support.

For more information on client rights and responsibilities, please see Payor info & forms or Recipient info & forms.