I just lost my job. Can you recalculate my child support right away based on my Employment Insurance slips?

The Child Support Recalculation Program (RP) works on an annual schedule for recalculations and looks at the parents’ incomes over a whole year, rather than at one point in time. This means RP does not recalculate immediately on the request of a parent. It also means RP will not consider Employment Insurance slips as proof of income.

RP’s target for recalculation of a court order is the anniversary date of the court order. The program requires approximately four months to perform the recalculation, which is based on the previous year’s income tax information. RP cannot go back and reduce amounts owed for child support in the past.

If you need to change your child support right now, you must go back to court or get a consent order through negotiation or mediation with the other parent. There is a helpful Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) info sheet on Varying or Changing Your Court Order that provides information on how to go back to court. Family Law Information Services can assist with forms necessary to file a court application or you can go see a lawyer to help you go to court and get the child support amount changed now. Other helpful resources are listed in MEP's info sheet Referrals to Resources.

RP recommends that you use the eligibility criteria for  as a reference when getting your new court order so this order will be eligible for  to recalculate in the future and that you include a recalculation clause.