How much will RP charge to recalculate my child support?

The service fee is $77 per parent, per recalculation. Because both parents have a legal obligation to make sure their child support is updated to reflect income changes, both parents are charged the service fee.  The service fee is only charged if RP’s recalculations result in a change in the child support payable. 

In cases where RP’s calculations show the difference from the current child support would be minimal (i.e. less than $10 per month or less than 10% in proportionate shares), the child support payable does not change and the fee is not charged.

Clients will be invoiced when RP sends them their Recalculation Decision.  Clients who have a file with the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) may choose to have their fee collected through their MEP file rather than paying it up front.