Can the Child Support Recalculation Program go back and adjust child support owed from previous years (retroactive adjustments)?

No, the Child Support Recalculation Program (RP) cannot go back and adjust child support amounts owed for previous years.

Recalculation Decisions take effect in the future, about a month after they are issued by RP.  One of the goals of our program is to do regular child support recalculations so neither party suffers the economic hardship a retroactive child support change can sometimes cause.

If you believe you have overpaid support in the past, or that you were entitled to receive more support in the past, you may wish to consider negotiation or mediation with the other party or bringing a court application if this is not successful.

For more information, you may wish to access the Family Law Information website or see the Maintenance Enforcement Program’s helpful resources:

Information Sheet -  Varying or changing your court order Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Information Sheet -  Referrals to resources Download Adobe Acrobat Reader