Responding to Child Abuse in Alberta: A Handbook

October 01, 2005

Responding to Child Abuse in Alberta: A Handbook Download Adobe Acrobat Reader , provides guidelines around the reporting and investigation of child abuse, with the goal of ensuring the safety and well being of Alberta's children.

The handbook was jointly developed by the Ministers of Health and Wellness, Education, Children's Services, Justice and Attorney General, and Solicitor General and Public Security, in consultation with organizations and professionals that provide services for children.

This handbook covers:

  • how to recognize abuse and neglect
  • how to respond to a disclosure of abuse or neglect from a child
  • how to report abuse and neglect and intervene
  • how investigations are undertaken and the role of service providers
  • the rules governing the sharing of information among service providers
  • the importance of collaboration among all those working with children and families


This handbook provides a framework for a network of local service providers to work together to:

  • recognize child abuse
  • ensure children are protected and their families supported and assisted throughout the investigation process
  • develop a coordinated and collaborative approach for reporting and investigating child abuse
  • create a guide for developing and implementing local reporting and investigating policies and practices
  • ensure groups or individuals working on behalf of children are aware of their responsibilities

Responding to Child Abuse in Alberta: A Handbook 378 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader