Report on Shawn Rehn

June 16, 2015

A report into the Crown Prosecution Service's involvement with Shawn Rehn recommends a comprehensive review of Alberta's bail process.

Based on the Report on Shawn Rehn, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General will be conducting a comprehensive review of the bail process.

The report recommends that the review of the conduct of bail (ie, judicial interim release) hearings consider:

  • who should conduct bail hearings and in what circumstances
  • how best to utilize section 524 of the Criminal Code
  • what information should be provided in bail packages prepared by policing agencies and how best to ensure the accuracy and availability of that information
  • how the Priority Prolific Offender Program and Habitual Offender Management programs can be utilized effectively to ensure accurate information is available during bail proceedings
  • the coordination of bail proceedings between offices of the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service (ACPS) and with offices of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC), and other areas related to the conduct of bail hearings that are appropriate

The report was prepared by the ACPS to review their involvement with Shawn Rehn.

News release: Review into Crown involvement with Shawn Rehn prompts comprehensive review of bail process