Criminal Prosecutions

The goal of the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service is to prosecute fairly, fearlessly and effectively.

Criminal prosecutions

The Alberta Crown Prosecution Service (formerly Criminal Justice Division) conducts criminal prosecutions against accused persons, and strives for just and timely outcomes for accused persons, victims and the general public.

An offence that falls under the Criminal Code or a provincial statute is prosecuted by the ACPS when there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction and the prosecution is in the public interest.

The decision to prosecute or to discontinue a prosecution is among the most significant decisions that a Crown prosecutor can make.

The ACPS handles criminal appeals in the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. It also develops criminal law policy for the province and supports criminal law consultation with other provinces, territories and the Government of Canada.

Topics in this section

Crown Prosecutors' Manual
A series of guidelines and practice memoranda designed to guide Crown Prosecutors as they make discretionary decisions in respect of specific prosecutions.

Contact ACPS
Contact information for Crown offices in Alberta and a map of their geographic areas of responsibility.

Criminal Justice Process for Adults
Chart describing criminal justice process.

Criminal Justice Process for Youth
Chart describing youth criminal procedure.


Electronic Disclosure

Effective March 2, 2015, request and receipt of disclosure from the Edmonton Crown office can be obtained online.

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