Electronic disclosure

E-Disclosure is a service to request and receive disclosure from the Edmonton, Calgary, Hinton, Slave Lake, Red Deer and Fort McMurray Crown offices online.


Self-represented litigants must contact the Edmonton, Calgary, Hinton, Slave Lake, Red Deer, and Fort McMurray Crown offices to obtain disclosure.

Access E-Disclosure

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How registered users access E-Disclosure to request disclosure
How registered users retrieve E-Disclosure
How to submit an E-Disclosure request
Password reset
PIN and phone number reset
Questions and answers

How registered users access E-Disclosure to request disclosure

  1. Click on the E-Disclosure link.
  2. Enter your credentials (user name and password).
  3. Press Login.
  4. Answer your phone and enter your PIN.
  5. Click on Disclosure.
  6. Enter your credentials (user name and password).
  7. Enter the docket number in the Docket field.
  8. Click Request.

Where disclosure has already been provided to another counsel, you are required to confirm your status as counsel.

How registered users retrieve E-Disclosure

  1. Be in receipt of email advising that E-Disclosure is ready.
  2. Access link provided in email (or E-Disclosure link above).
  3. Follow Steps 1-7 above.
  4. Click Ready.
  5. Download your disclosure.

E-Disclosure Defence Guide - 1.06 MB Download Adobe Acrobat Reader


Defence counsel can complete the registration form and submit to any Crown office in Alberta.

Registration form - 452 KB Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Student Legal Services Registration form - 448 KB Download Adobe Acrobat Reader  


The security of all information pertaining to prosecutions is of paramount importance to the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service. In order to access this service, whether to request or retrieve disclosure, a two-factor authentication system is in place. To access the E-Disclosure service the user enters both a password and a PIN.

When registering, a primary phone number for authentication must be provided, with the option to provide an additional number.Users are expected to maintain the strictest adherence to the confidentiality of their credentials.

Password reset

A password reset self-service is available in the portal of the E-Disclosure service.

PIN and phone number reset

PIN and Phone Number resets are available in the portal of the E-Disclosure service.

JSG-IMT Support Desk

For help with lost or expired passwords, PINs, changes to contact information, or any other information related to E-Disclosure, please contact the support desk.

8:15 am - 4:30 pm

Questions and answers

Quick Reference Card - Download Media and Unzip Files

How do I register for Electronic Disclosure?

Attend at any Crown prosecutor’s office in Alberta with a completed registration form and your signed bar card. Your application will be verified and submitted on your behalf. It will be processed within 5 to 7 business days.

Out of province lawyers who wish to register should first complete the registration form and then contact the JSG-IMT support desk.

How will I know when my disclosure is ready for pick up?

Requesting counsel receives an email notification with a link to access disclosure.

How do I reset my password for the E-Disclosure service?

Click on the E-Disclosure link, log in and follow the instructions to change password.

Questions can be sent to the IMT Support Desk during normal business hours.

Does the Crown monitor my access to E-Disclosure?

The Crown does not monitor access to E-disclosure. However, the service does maintain an audit trail of user activity. It is recommended that counsel immediately download disclosure material onto their own computer.

How long do I wait to receive my E-Disclosure?

A request for E-Disclosure immediately prompts a disclosure workflow within the Crown’s office. Defence receives material as soon as it is processed. Any supplemental information received by the Crown will be provided as soon as it is processed.

My law partner received E-Disclosure, but I cannot access it from the link provided. Is there something wrong with my credentials?

Security features ensure only the counsel who requests the E-Disclosure can access the disclosure material.

I am a new counsel on a file. Disclosure was provided to previous counsel. What should I do?

Submit your own request for disclosure. Disclosure available to previous counsel is now available to you. Previous counsel is also notified of new counsel's request for disclosure. As well, you will now be notified when supplemental disclosure is available.

I changed my email address in RCS but I am not receiving my E-Disclosure notifications to my new email address.

RCS and E-Disclosure are separate services. A change of e-mail address is required for each service. Contact the JSG-IMT support desk during normal business hours to update your information.