How are statistics on criminal events recorded, and where can I find them?

Providing statistics about Canada is a federal responsibility handled centrally by Statistics Canada. The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) is the branch of Statistics Canada responsible for collecting statistics on criminal events from across Canada. Information on the agency’s policies and statistical methods are available on the Statistics Canada website.
Statistics Canada maintains an online catalogue of products and services. You can search for publications by keyword or catalogue number; or browse through Internet publications that are available online. There is a cost for some publications, but many are available free of charge.

You may also browse by subject. Crime related publications are found under the broad category "Crime and Justice." Sub-topics include:

  1. Crime and justice (general)
  2. Civil courts and family law
  3. Correctional services
  4. Crimes and offences
  5. Criminal courts
  6. Family violence
  7. Justice system spending
  8. Legal aid
  9. Victims and victimization