Court of Appeal of Alberta

Court of Appeal of Alberta

This is the highest appeal court in the province. The Chief Justice of Alberta and other justices preside over this court along with supernumerary justices. All of these justices are appointed by the federal government. To be considered for appointment, an applicant or nominee must be a lawyer in good standing who has been in practice for at least 10 years and is a Canadian citizen. Federally appointed advisory committees exist in each province and territory to recommend applicants to the federal Minister of Justice who in turn makes recommendations to cabinet.

This court sits in Edmonton and Calgary only.

The Court of Appeal can hear most civil and criminal appeals, and can also hear applications and appeals respecting certain judgments, orders, and decisions of the other courts.

The Court typically assigns three justices to hear an appeal and may sit with one or more divisions of three justices. In exceptional circumstances the Chief Justice may convene a larger panel. On the request of a justice of the Court of Appeal, a judge of the Court of Queen's Bench may sit or act in place of a judge who is absent, or as an additional judge.

Justices of the Court of Appeal are appointed to their position until they are age 75.

Complaints regarding a justice of the Court of Appeal are dealt with by the Canadian Judicial Council.

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