About us

The Alberta Property Rights Advocate Office (PRAO) is an impartial, non-partisan provincial office within the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General that works to protect property rights of the people of Alberta. The Office helps Albertans and government agencies and Ministries understand and comply with property laws and procedures, and advocates for fairness and balance when property rights conflict with public needs.

Can the Office represent me in a dispute?

The PRAO does not represent any party in a dispute. While we cannot represent clients, the PRAO can assist with problems through providing information, reviewing landowner complaints, or in some instances, providing advisory opinions.

What can the Office do to help me?

The PRAO helps Albertans and government officials with matters related to expropriation and other takings, as well as land use law in general, in a number of ways, including:

  • Inform and Educate: The PRAO can answer questions, explain the law and legal processes, and review options available to landowners, to help solve and avoid problems. This might include preparing an Advisory Opinion about the state of the prevailing law. This information may help resolve the issue.
  • Complaint Review: The PRAO can review a complaint regarding expropriation or compensable taking, for fairness of the process.
  • Law Reform: The PRAO can make appropriate recommendations about property rights. When these recommendations are included in our Annual Report, they are filed with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, for review and discussion by the MLAs.

Do you get involved in disputes between private parties?

The Office’s mandate is to help resolve disputes between Albertans and provincial or municipality entities. Therefore, the Office typically does not get involved in disputes between private property owners except in very limited circumstances. (e.g., when a private party has condemnation rights under provincial law). However, do not hesitate to contact the PRAO with your questions. We will provide as much information as we can to assist you.