Alberta Minister of Justice and Attorney General role and responsibilities

The Alberta Minister of Justice is also the Attorney General of the province. In a very broad sense, the Minister of Justice exercises administrative and ministerial functions while the Attorney General exercises legal functions.

The Alberta Minister of Justice is responsible for proceedings under the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (formerly the Young Offenders Act) (Canada), and provincial statutes.

Although by legislation or tradition the Alberta Minister of Justice exercises a lengthy list of powers, these powers are limited and they are prescribed by law. For example, while the minister has responsibility for the courts and prosecution in the province, she is unable to provide legal advice or intervene in private legal cases.

As Attorney General, the minister is required to exercise some functions under the Criminal Code of Canada such as where the consent of the Attorney General is required for prosecution. Neither the Minister of Justice nor any other cabinet minister may comment on cases before the court, so as to avoid even the suggestion of political interference in cases before the court.

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