Fatality Review Board

Dr. Vonda Bobart, Chair
Phone: 780-427-4987
Fax: 403-297-3429

The Fatality Review Board is responsible for reviewing certain deaths investigated by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and recommending to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General whether a public fatality inquiry should be held. The board is appointed by the lieutenant governor in council and is composed of a lawyer, a physician, and a layperson. Cases reviewed by the board generally include accidental deaths (where recommendations could be made at a public fatality inquiry for the prevention of similar deaths in the future), cases where the cause and manner of death remain undetermined after a complete investigation, and deaths of individuals who are in police custody, in prison, certified under the Mental Health Act, or under the Director of Child Welfare's guardianship or in the director's custody.

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