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Alberta leads the most innovative and accessible justice system in Canada and its communities are among the safest and most resilient in the world.


 A fair and safe Alberta

Canadian Bar Association Racial Equality Resolutions

Alberta Justice is committed to demonstrating leadership in contributing to the well-being and self-reliance of Albertans from all racial backgrounds. In that regard, we wish to bring your attention to the Canadian Bar Association Racial Equality Resolutions.

Core businesses

Core Business 1: Promote safe communities for Albertans

Goal 1 - Alberta's communities are safe
Goal 2 - Fair and independent prosecutions

Core Business 2: Facilitate access to justice

Goal 3 - A fair and accessible civil and criminal justice system for Albertans
Goal 4 - Accessible justice services for Albertans
Goal 5 - An innovative, effective and efficient justice system

Core Business 3: Provide legal and strategic services to government

Goal 6 - Strategic legal advice and counsel to government to achieve Government of Alberta outcomes to achieve their objectives through provision of effective legal and related strategic services.

Ministry structure and overview

Prosecutions: The Alberta Crown Prosecution Service (ACPS) prosecutes persons charged with Criminal Code, Youth Criminal Justice Act, and provincial statute offences. The ACPS promotes safe communities by vigorously prosecuting cases involving serious and violent crime and working with individuals and organizations in the community to identify and implement improved and alternative approaches to the administration of criminal justice. In addition, the ACPS develops criminal law policy for the province and supports criminal law consultation with other levels of government. 

Courts: Alberta Courts are presided over by an independent judiciary. There are three levels of court in the province – the Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen's Bench and the Provincial Court. The Resolution and Court Administration Services Division provides administrative support to the courts. Resolution and Court Administration Services also provides policy advice and assistance to the Minister and the Ministry in relation to court issues. Stakeholders of Resolution and Court Administration Services include the public, the legal profession, law enforcement services, correctional authorities and various service providers.

Justice Services to Albertans: This core business includes Goals 3 and 4. The Ministry promotes fair and equitable access to the civil and criminal justice system by providing a broad range of justice services through the courts, prosecution and appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms. Access to justice also means addressing barriers of access to the justice system by providing legal representation for Albertans who are in need of assistance and by providing Albertans with accurate and up-to-date information to help them increase their awareness and knowledge about the justice system. In addition, services such as maintenance enforcement, estate and trust administration services and legal aid contribute to the preservation of a safe society for Albertans.

Legal and Strategic Services to Government: Civil Law provides legal services to all government ministries and represents them in matters before the courts and tribunals. Constitutional and Aboriginal Law provides specialized services to the government in constitutional and Aboriginal law matters. Legal Research and Analysis provides advice on legislative policy. The Legislative Counsel Office is responsible for drafting government public bills, regulations and Orders in Council.

Organization Chart

Office of the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Solicitor General

Ministry Boards, Agencies and Commissions:

Alberta Human Rights Commission
Alberta Review Board
Criminal Injuries Review Board 
Fatality Review Board
Judicial Council
Law Enforcement Review Board
Notaries Public Review Committee
Property Rights Advocate Office
Provincial Court Nominating Committee
Rules of Court Committee
Victims of Crime Programs Committee 

Department of Justice and Solicitor General:

Alberta Crown Prosecution Service
Correctional Services
Finance and Planning
Human Resource Services
Information Management and Technology Services
Justice Services
Legal Services
Public Security
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 Planning and Reporting