Resolution and Court Administration Services

Justice and Solicitor General
Lynn Varty - Assistant Deputy Minister

Resolution and Court Administration Services provides administrative, planning and technical support to Alberta’s three courts: the Court of Appeal of Alberta (in two locations), the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (in 13 locations) and the Provincial Court of Alberta (in 71 locations). Staff are located in 21 centres and the courts circuit to an additional 50 locations.

The three courts maintain all court records and accept a wide variety of documents for filing from the public, lawyers, law enforcement agencies and other government departments. Employees record all court proceedings, swear in or affirm witnesses and interpreters, mark and ensure the safekeeping of exhibits, process fines and other payments into court, perform searches, and provide general assistance to lawyers and the public.

Resolution and Court Administration Services develops strategies to provide access to a broad range of justice services including mediation and other appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms.

Resolution and Court Administration Services also operates law libraries to provide legal information to judges, Crown prosecutors, defence counsel and the public.

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