Does the department have any bursaries for Aboriginal post-secondary students?

Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security provides the Robert C. Carson Memorial Bursary for students enrolled in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Diploma programs at Lethbridge Community College, Mount Royal Community College, and Grant MacEwan College. Also eligible to receive the Bursary are students in the Law or Criminology programs at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta. A total of five (5) $500 bursaries are available, one for each of the above-mentioned learning institutions.

To be eligible, a student must have completed at least one year of the program and must be continuing into the next year of the program. Eligible students must be a resident of Alberta (for at least three years) and a Canadian Citizen or have landed immigrant status. Preference will be given to Aboriginal students without other sponsorship.

Students can apply through the office of the registrar of their learning institution.