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The Ministry delivers services through its Justice branch and Solicitor General branch. We lead an innovative and accessible justice system, ensure effective policing across the province and support victims of crime.

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Government to review legal aid services
"We want to make sure we're protecting the
most vulnerable Albertans by providing
adequate access to legal services."
– Minister Kathleen Ganley... [read more]

Province to strengthen human rights legislation
Bill 7, the Alberta Human Rights Amendment
Act, adds gender identity and gender expression
as prohibited grounds of discrimination
into the Alberta Human Rights Act... [read more]

Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act
Proposed legislation adds certain employees of
agencies, boards, commissions, health service
entities and others to ‘sunshine’ list of publicly
disclosed salaries... [read more]
Bill 1: An Act to Renew Democracy in Alberta
Bill 1 will amend the Election Finances and
Contributions Disclosure Act
, allowing only
Alberta residents to make political contributions
... [read more]