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    The Ministry delivers services through its Justice branch and Solicitor General branch.

Maintenance Enforcement Program

MEP Accounts Online, child & spousal support, payment, collection, monitoring, enforcement

Crown prosecutors’ offices

Locations, Edmonton, Calgary, 12 regions

Commissioner for oaths

Application & appointment

Child Support Recalculation Program

Child support & special expenses, eligibility, registration, court order, maintenance agreement


Opportunities, application & recruitment, benefits, career fairs, Student-at-Law Program

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View Solicitor General services


Child & spousal support, family law, mediation & counselling, courses & seminars

Court decisions

Database, original judgements

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Sudden death investigation, death certificate, notification of death, autopsy report


Property division & transfer, will & estate plan, power of attorney, personal directive

Fatality inquiry reports

Identity of deceased, date & time of death, circumstances of death


Financial benefits for victims of violence
Victims who’ve suffered physical or emotional
injury as a result of a violent crime may be
eligible for a one-time financial benefit…
[read more]


Undercover officers catch wildlife traffickers
Fish and wildlife officers have charged seven
individuals for illegally selling moose and elk
meat, worth approximately $6,500…
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Increasing access to justice for Albertans
The civil claims limit will increas from $25,000
to $50,000 on August 1. This will help Albertans
to resolve their legal disputes in a faster and
more affordable way... [read more]


Restorative justice groups help victims of crime
Thirteen organizations in Alberta are sharing
$360,000 in grants to continue helping victims
of crime recover and directly hold offenders
to account... [read more]